Jevan Goulter is a 30 year old entreprenuer living in Auckland City on the waterfront.

He is:

  • The Campaign Manager and Chief Strategist for the Coalition New Zealand Party led by Hannah Tamaki.

  • The principal director of Goulter & Associates Ltd, a PR & Strategic Communications firm created to deliver strategic out comes to a diverse array of clients seeking specific results.

  • Recently the former Managing Director of the 2018 established
    Māori Carbon Foundation formed to deliver environmental, economic, social and intergenational benefits through the planting of permanent carbon forests helping New Zealand to achieve it's 2050 Paris Agreement obligations.

He also:

  • Ran for Mayor of Whanganui at age 21

  • Was an Executive Assistant for Parliament Service New Zealand between 2011 and 2014


  • Played a key strategic advisory role in MANA in the 2011 by-election and 2011 General election

  • Was key in the 2011 by-election that saw former MP Hone Harawira re-elected to Parliament as an Independent MP

  • Was key in the 2011 General election that saw former MP Hone Harawira re-elected to Parliament as Leader of MANA

  • Was an advisor at the beginning of TOP - The Opportunities Party and

  • Was key in the "Talk Treaty" project commissioned by the Morgan Foundation

  • Jevan is also a member of the Middle East Business Council and a member of PRINZ

  • Is public that he concluded his formal education at the age of 14


Jevan Goulter


  PO BOX 105168, Customs Street, Auckland 1010